Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone

Workshop for Women

Here’s How To End Your Feeling Defeated Struggles, Finally Recognize What Has Held You Back, Eliminate The Old Stories Of Where Did I Go Wrong…And Create A Mind Set and A Life Where You Feel Confident, Empowered And In Control

We Remember what it was like…

Feeling overwhelmed by life, feeling uninspired, and lacking in passion, all while worrying about what we were going to do next and how we were going to avoid living the same old life.

Yet feeling deep down inside that a happy fulfilling life, where we felt empowered, inspired and excited, was possible for us.

You see a few years ago we were seriously struggling with feeling like there had to be more and more importantly our self-talk and how it kept us feeling very down…

We held ourselves back from even trying to improve our life, from reaching our potential in the workplace, from fully sharing our personality and most importantly from allowing ourselves to be happy.

And it wasn’t as if we weren’t trying to make changes….

dreams, desires and the comfort zonedreams, desires and the comfort zoneWe spent astronomical amounts of money on self-help books, self help courses, business training, and so much more…

You name it, we bought it and tried it, at least for a while. But nothing seemed to work, that is …until we discovered Vibrational Alchemy.

Over the last 12 years we have refined our original teachings and have learned how to step out of our comfort zone and into our dreams over and over again.

And we didn’t do it because we were using any force, self-restricting effort. We did it because we realized that the cause of our boring, self-defeating life was at a very basic level being driven by our unconscious patterns, beliefs and programming in our brain that we had no idea were running us….

Because of Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone we were able to transform these things that had driven us for so long and finally step into a life we love….

We’re going to show you, how you too, can step out of your comfort zone, gain confidence and become your true self – all with simple techniques… in Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone!

Imagine for a minute what it would be like to be in your ideal life…and not just any ideal life in terms of your success, but also how you feel in it.

Imagine being empowered, more confident and feeling like more of who you are in the world without anything holding you back. Feeling inspired and passionate in your day, feeling whole and complete in your work, feeling confident and happy in groups of people….

Every woman is capable of reaching their dreams…by overcoming fears, traumas and beliefs, past events and other deep unconscious patterns and programming that are the real reason for feeling defeated.

And as you read this page in its entirety, we are going to reveal to you exactly how we discovered that giving life to your dreams, building confidence and stepping into your full self is much easier than you’ve ever imagined; and that all of it is possible… or YOU!


If you’re like 80% of women who reach midlife you’ve likely felt dissatisfied at some point in your life, with where you are at and what you have achieved…


That’s right, research has shown that 8 of 10 women are dissatisfied with their life when they reach midlife, and more than half feel completely defeated because they are not where they thought they would be.

And it’s no wonder…

dreams, desires and the comfort zone

Society has sold us on the ‘American Dream’, a wonderful husband, a big house, children, a happy family and a white picket fence. When we look on TV, in newspapers, magazines or on the web we’re inundated with pictures of ‘the American Dream’.

These images of so-called happy fulfilled women do not represent the truth of the average woman.


In fact, in Wayne Dyer’s movie – The Shift – he shows us that what satisfied us in our earlier years no longer fulfills us as we age. Around midlife we change our focus from being a wife, a mother, a woman achieving success in a man’s world, to ourselves, our happiness, and our forgotten dreams…


We reach midlife and realize our life is not fulfilling us, we are not where we thought we would be by now… dreams, desires and the comfort zone

It seems like such a long road to make the necessary changes to create a life we love…to even identify what it is we are looking for… we feel defeated because we thought we were headed for fulfillment and happiness only to reach midlife and find we are not happy, we are not feeling fulfilled.

Many women feel lead astray, lied to, incomplete, like they have failed… Life is nothing like they had envisioned…

A broken marriage, an empty nest, a job loss, the death of someone close… all bring us closer to the realization or feeling we have somehow failed. If only…


Roughly 9/10 of women at midlife feel there has to be more… with ½ of those really searching for meaning and understanding…


dreams, desires and the comfort zone

What is especially surprising about those numbers is that since 1960, the research on the importance of meaning in life and the percentage of women searching for more meaning in life has grown exponentially.

“The search for purpose and meaning in life has become a megatrend of the 21stCentury. One practitioner attributes this trend to a shift in consciousness, which has permitted humanity to focus on what they believe really matters in their daily lives (Pattakos, 2009). Dr. Viktor Emil Frankl (1905-1997), a Viennese psychiatrist and neurologist, is characterized as the pioneer who promoted the idea that the primary motivational force in life is to find meaning (Zaiser, 2005). Frankl is most famous for his best-selling novel Man’s Search for Meaning, which has sold over 11 million copies in 20 different languages (Boeree, 2006). The original title of Frankl’s book in German is Trotzdem Ja Zum Leben Sagen which actually translates in English to mean “Saying yes to life in spite of everything.” His book outlines his horrific experiences in the concentration camps and provides a basic introduction to his therapeutic practice of logotherapy. Frankl was subjected to four different Nazi camps and was dehumanized to a mere number: 119,104 (Benvenga, 1998). Moreover, Nazis murdered his wife, mother, father, and unborn child, yet Frankl was able to find a purpose for living in all his sufferings (Frankl, 1959). Frankl insists that humanities primary concern is not to search for enjoyment, or supremacy, but to discover the meaning of existence (Ponsaran, 2007). Frankl denies that humans can be reduced to the Freudian life and death drives but rather promotes the idea that humans have the “freedom of response,” even if the situation is calamitous (Cowen, 2005). Philosophers and spiritual leaders postulate that Frankl’s logotherapy will gain wider acceptance in therapeutic practice because people are asking more existential questions, for example “what is the meaning of life?” (Pattakos, 2009). Literally, logotherapy means therapy through meaning, however logotherapy is more than helping clients find meaning in life (Hoffman, 1995). For example, logotherapy as a psychotherapeutic technique helps patients with insomnia, impotence, and anxiety (Zaiser, 2005). Undoubtedly, Frankl’s early life experiences and unimaginable suffering are clearly emulated in his formulation of logotherapy.” From Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy: The Search For Purpose and Meaning By Daniel Devoe.


Most women focus on what is not working for them and it is unfortunately the wrong approach…


During the course of an average year, millions of women attempt to make changes in their life, with the average woman making four or five attempts per year!

Most people go from book to book, looking for the “magical” solution that will finally work, wondering why they’re still struggling each and every time, with total frustration as to why the changes are not working for them.


There are reasons though, each and every time, as to why the changes aren’t working, and they have nothing to do with the information you are reading….


Let me ask you this…

Have you ever been stressed out because of work, or because of a relationship, or about your life and how you feel about yourself, or anything else…and reach for something comfortable… something within your comfort zone?

You know …stuff like reading, cooking, cleaning, working more, doing for others or whatever that is for you. Whatever comfort you know isn’t part of the plan for change that you had intended… but you choose comfort over change…

Or have you ever skipped taking action today because you were too busy, or felt unmotivated, or because you just felt too overwhelmed by life to get yourself into a new routine?

Yeah! I think we all have!

The truth is that we don’t struggle with lack of information on what we need to change or do.

What we struggle with is what’s going on internally, deep in our subconscious minds, that’s making it difficult to make good decisions about change; as well as triggering chemical reactions in our body that we have become addicted to.

What we discovered with Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone however… is a way to change all of that…

image015  image017

image011  Alisa Gamblin


From just dreaming of a life of meaning to living one… Before and After

The Two Major Reasons That Women Struggle to Awaken Their Dreams and How Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone overcomes these challenges….


The number one thing that prevents women from moving out of their comfort zone was very surprising to us when we first learned it….

We had no understanding of what was actually going on biologically, because of our emotions.  Things like… The stress, the anxiety, and the overwhelm we were dealing with when we were trying to change our lives.

We had no idea about the myriad of hormones coursing through our body because of our emotions that were actually keeping us stuck!


You see…

When something stressful happens, or you start thinking about something stressful within seconds, the part of your brain called the amygdala (the almond shaped part of your midbrain)


tells your body to release specific hormones.

Adrenaline and cortisol (often called ‘the stress hormone’), floods your body, shutting down the creative problem solving parts of your brain. And this causes two very big problems for somebody trying to make changes….

#1- It constricts your blood vessels along with other key biological changes that control how you think…how your body and brain function, how strong your need for comfort comes on and how quickly your brain can react to a given situation.

#2 It floods your body with chemicals that you can become addicted to and are very comfortable with…which you guessed it …keeps you doing the same things over and over.

These two things combined mean that when you’re stressed you make worse decisions about what to do, breaking your new habits for change and then you struggle with feeling uncomfortable.

Have you ever had it happen that you’re stressed out and all of the sudden you find yourself doing the same old thing and suddenly you think to yourself… why did I do that? And you feel like you lost mental control of what was going on?

That’s because… you did. The stress took over and inhibited your ability to think clearly and make good decisions.

And the comfort we crave during these stressful times doesn’t help either.

Why do we tend to be attracted to old habits and patterns? Old habits and patterns are known and make us feel comfortable (even if we strongly desire change) and the brain releases hormones which we have become addicted to in our normal patterns.

We return to old patterns because our brain is looking for pleasure.

Returning to old patterns and habits in the moment serves a great purpose. It makes us feel comfortable until the side effects kick in. Shortly after your comfort returns your brain engages and you begin to question why you just sabotaged yourself again and the cycle starts all over. It’s a Vicious Cycle!

No wonder so many people in our modern society struggle with creating a life they love.

A shift in perception is all you need to create a new way of being!

Can you remember when you were a child and how the simple forces of nature amazed you? Bring that thinking back … life is magical, amazing, and overwhelmingly beautiful when we really see it as it is.” Dr Jennifer Jones

The Number two thing that keeps women from moving out of their comfort zone is deep unconscious traumas, patterns and beliefs about our ability, our worth and ultimately about who we are…..

When you stop to think about it…what beliefs do you have about what you can accomplish, about what you deserve?

Take a second to finish these sentences…

When I see other women and compare my life to theirs, I feel that my life is ___________________.

When I think about creating my dreams I feel _________________________.

When I think about my life as it is I feel  ____________________________.

These are just a few of the many questions that can help you figure out some of your beliefs about how your life has to be. (which are all things you can create change around).

And what about patterns that you’ve established? How would you finish these questions….

I can’t change because__________________________.

When I begin to step into creating my dreams I feel  ___________________________.

I can’t live a life I love because I’m   ____________________________________.

And what about traumas from your past?  How would you finish these questions….

If there was an event, situation or experience from my past that made me feel most uncomfortable about my worth, it would be __________________________________________.

When I think about the part of my life I dislike the most, the words I use to describe that part to myself are _______________________________.

When I think of being vulnerable, open and putting myself out there, the emotion that comes up for me is _______________________________.

The answers to these questions and questions like these can help you to begin to discover the unconscious blocks preventing you from creating your dreams.


The reality is that most of our challenges with creating our dreams comes from our feeling of self worth and our programming from our childhood and adolescence…


Unfortunately the tough standards that our society has on women starts at a young age.

Join us for this amazing workshop.

Next date is:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

A Harvard University study found that up to 90 % of girls at the age of twelve consider themselves to be in some way substandard.

By 13, at least 50 % of girls are unhappy with their appearance.

By 14, focused, specific dissatisfactions have intensified, particularly around self image.

By 17, only 3 out of 10 girls have not tried to change there self image through external methods – 8 out of 10 will be unhappy with who they are.

It is clear that from a very young age most women are unhappy with who they are. This leads to unconscious beliefs about our worth and what we can achieve in life.

That’s how it was for us….

You see we have struggled with our self worth since we were about 11. In fact it’s hard for us to look back and remember a time we felt worthy.


It wasn’t until we discovered Vibrational Alchemy that we finally found a simple and extremely effective way to both find and change what was controlling our ability to find a life of meaning, giving life to our dreams…


Now when we went through those drastic changes, we had to figure it out all on our own, and a lot of the time we felt really alone in our quest to change. There were a lot of times that we wanted to just cave in and we don’t want you to go through that yourself.

A Journey of Transformation…

We want to invite you on a journey …

A 3 hour workshop designed specifically to help you begin to step out of your comfort zone, awaken your desires and give life to your dreams.

I want to invite you to allow Alisa and myself to be your coaches and guides along a similar journey to the one we underwent when we were lacking confidence and self worth and afraid to go for our dreams… only this one will be

about YOU and your ability to create a life of meaning and fulfilling your dreams




The simple truth is that the techniques we teach you in Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone are easy to implement and use daily to create change in your life. In a short 3 hours we will give you 5 tools and techniques that you can implement immediately to begin to create a new life.

These 3 hours are going to be

unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before,

even if you think you can’t possibly change, or that simple techniques and 3 hours will not work for you, or that you don’t think you have what it takes to succeed…you can still see life changing results with this workshop.

We’re going to break down what we will be guiding you through in this unique process in just a minute, but before we do that we want to explain what this workshop is not.

This is not going to be a workshop where you just sit and listen… like we said before, it’s not about that.

Most workshops have you sitting and listening and perhaps taking notes as you move through the information.  This is not one of those workshops.

These can leave you feeling great but the information does not stick. You soon forget it after you leave.

This workshop will not be like those workshops.

If that is the type of workshop you are looking for, then we would suggest not continuing any further.  The truth is that those workshops all miss the most important step in implementing what you have learned… having you create lasting change.

This workshop is for women who are tired of running around in circles with life never changing…..

Who realize that all of that other stuff they’ve been doing for years isn’t what’s important, who want to be healthy and happy the easy way, without the daily struggle.

We have designed this workshop to be as easy, enjoyable and effortless as possible.


And we’ve also made it so that you don’t have to go through the journey of clearing your unconscious beliefs, patterns and traumas and other limitations alone, wondering if you’re making the right decision at every turn.


What this workshop consists of …..

First off, it’s important for you to know that we’ve designed this workshop to be very interactive.

We know that different people learn differently and want different things, and the last thing we want is for you to feel like there’s too much to the workshop, or too little, or anything like that.  So we’ve designed it in a way so that you can get instant results doing it the way you want to do it, while putting in the effort that is right for you.

These 3 hours are about taking you through a process that teaches you simple yet effective techniques you can use anywhere, any time and see great results. Moving you from a mindset of I can’t to I can!

We have discovered the secret to change lay in your ability to take action… and have designed this workshop to show action steps that really count in shifting your emotional vibration so that you are happy while creating change and to help you stay calm so that your brain is completely available to you… to inspire  the necessary steps.

It is a win, win !

We will provide you with an exercise book to follow along and take home upon completion of the workshop.  And we will set up a partnering system to keep you accountable.

By now you can see the value in this 3 hour workshop.

You might believe that a 3 hour workshop that can do this much would cost you a pretty penny. And in all honesty… it really should…

In our journey to find a way to step out of our comfort zone and into our dreams we actually spent thousands of dollars and hours on books, programs, workshops, trainings that only held a part of the solution.  They didn’t create the shift because they did not teach us how to step out of our comfort zone.

What we teach you in 3 hours is valued at


When you compare that to the amount of money that people spend on books, programs and workshops and all the other options in the billion dollar self help industry, it is extremely reasonable, especially with the results it delivers.

We want to make it even better for you though, and I’ll tell you why….

We understand what it’s like to live a life of mediocrity, to feel like you are not living your purpose, to know that there has to be more to life and not being able to step into it.

We understand the frustration and despair that comes with feeling like maybe you have to settle for your present life.  There is no more.

We both have been through some pretty challenging times and one big thing we learned from that is how appreciative we are to have what we now have and to feel the way we now feel.

Which is why we are passionate about helping others to be able to do the same…

The full 3 hour workshop with the two of us, full participation, workbook and

accountability partners for Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone is only $99.00


image024 image023


And you will receive a bonus at the end of the workshop.

Join us for this amazing workshop.

Next date is:

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5:30 to 8:30 p.m.