What is Wonder, REALLY?

According to Google, as a noun, wonder means a feeling of  surprise mingled with admiration caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable (unable to be explained or accounted for).

As a verb, wonder means:

1. desire to be curious to know something and

2. feel admiration and amazement, marvel.

When was the last time you felt admiration or amazement or even curious to know something?  When was the last time you felt surprised at seeing something so beautiful it took your breath away?

Creating wonder is the first step to re-awakening your soul!  When was the last time you really felt alive? I mean really felt alive!  For me, I had moments of what I thought was feeling on top of the world, of being alive and vibrant, but I wanted more.

You know the feeling of joy and vibrancy that everything is going really well. you can handle any challenges that come your way.  You know exactly what you want in life and how to get it.

OR, maybe you don’t.  Maybe you have had glimpses of how wonderful life can be, but haven’t quite figured out how to get that feeling more often.  It can seem elusive, almost impossible to achieve – yet others are living vibrantly – why can’t you?

What is living vibrantly? What does it mean to you? According to the dictionary, vibrant means ‘having or showing great life, activity and energy.’ Does this sound like you?  Do you want it to sound like you?

The first step is to create wonder. We need to live wonder filled lives.  By creating wonder, we start asking questions instead of making up excuses, biased answers or indoctrinated programs. We start to look at things/people/situations differently – with a new lens.  Instead of judging, we wonder about the story behind what we see.  As humans, we try to make sense of things by making up a story using our filters, our lenses, our biases, our experiences, but when we develop wonder, we will be able to look past us and really see what is in front of us.

The second step is to get out in nature and really look at nature.  Look at a butterfly`s wings and see the intricate design that makes up its beauty. Notice how it floats through the air. Have you ever really watched a dog shake off water?  it is incredible to watch what they do! Remember when you were a child and you drove your parents, teachers, older siblings crazy asking so many questions?  You were full of wonder!  Remember that and allow yourself that feeling of awe!

The third step is to ask questions.  At first they will be general questions like `I wonder how flowers have different colors?` or `I wonder why some clouds seem to float through the sky while others tramp across it?` Now don`t go getting scientific on me.  The idea is to notice nature and how miraculous it is.

These questions can be about anything in general – how fascinating our bodies are and how they function without our help, the colors around you, the different doors there are in a building.  You get the picture – now go play!

Live your life in wonder and see how it changes and how everything seems brighter!