Tapping Into Your Body’s Wisdom:

Learning How to

Release Pain and Dis-Ease From Your Body





How often when you have pain in your body, do you ask, ‘What have I done to cause this?’.  And then you get into your head and try to figure out what physical thing you have done to cause the pain.  I know I did this for years and it was only when I looked at what emotion or in my case ‘emotions’ was I stuffing, did my back pain go away.  Does this sound familiar to you?

Is it possible that your pain is trying to tell you something?                                                                                                                            Is it possible your body knows the answer to your pain?                                                                                                                               Is it possible, you know the answer but are afraid to listen to your body because it will likely mean change?

How many people go through life with aches and pains and consider that to be normal. Well, what if it isn’t? What if these aches and pains are messages from your body telling you what it needs to be healthy? In this 6 week course, you will learn:                  

  • What is causing your pain or dis-ease
  • What is being held in your body
  • How that is manifesting as dis-ease in your body
  • What is going on in your body
  • What expressions you use and how they are affecting you
  • How simple techniques can help you alleviate and heal your pain and dis-ease

Course Outline

Week 1 

Outline – what to expect in the 6 weeks

  • General overview of what different ‘sides’ of the body represent – left, right, front, back
  • General information about how stuffed emotion can show up in the body
  • Define stress and talk about impact

Week 2

Link function with sayings

  • we will spend time understanding how the function of a body part and the sayings we have about that body part may be impacting your health.

Week 3

Arms, neck, shoulders, hands and fingers, touch

  • Function of the upper extremities
  • Sayings about the upper extremities
  • Talk about possible meanings of dis-ease in each area

Week 4

Middle of the body – torso, hips, abdomen, chest, pelvis, digestion, heart, organs, spine

  • Function of the middle of the body
  • Sayings about the middle of the body
  • Talk about possible meanings of dis-ease in each area

Week 5

Legs, knees, feet, toes

  • Function of the lower extremities
  • Sayings about the lower extremities
  • Talk about possible meanings of dis-ease in each area

Week 6

Head, depression, headache, eyes, teeth, nose, ears, face, including vision, taste, smell, and hearing

  • Function of everything above the neck
  • Sayings about everything above the neck
  • Talk about possible meanings of dis-ease in each area including acne and allergies

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Tapping Into Your Body's Wisdom

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Helen is a health coach working with women who want to discover their true health and beauty. She is passionate about helping you live a dynamic and healthy life that is as unique as you are.