How Our Fear Keeps us in Our Comfort Zone!

These past few weeks, I have been out promoting my newest venture and putting a lot of time into it.  Things are going along great, then on Tuesday, I start to get a sore throat and a little stuffed up.  I delve into my herbal teas to help alleviate this and off to bed only to not sleep a very restful sleep. Then Wednesday, I get up still feeling a little under the weather and decide to take it easy for the day.  I did not have much energy to do anything, so I didn’t.  Today, as I write this, I am still not full of energy and my throat still is scratchy, but it came to me, that I am letting fear of really stepping up my game, slow me down.  As I put more of me out there, more of my fear of ‘what if’ comes up and it tries to protect me.  My reactive mind is thinking it has to protect me, so by getting sick, I can’t get out there and ‘make a fool of myself’.  The old programs are kicking in.

Even though I am ‘doing it anyway’, I still have some deep seated fear about putting myself out there as an expert on anything and that people will not like what I have to say or offer.  What I realize as I put myself through the exercises of getting out of my comfort zone, I have a story to tell, just like everyone else, and that is my gift to you.  My story is not totally unique, it is not really different from yours (although, it may be).  What my story is, is my way of helping you step into your power and to start honoring you.  By challenging myself to get out of my own way and to get out to share my gift with you, I am offering you that same gift. I have found that when I try to do things on my own, I can get distracted.  When I do something with someone else, especially when that something is challenging my comfort zone, I am much more likely to push through the fear and do it because I have support.

my quoteHave you ever found yourself in a similar situation?  Where you want to try something new?  Try something you have tried before that wasn’t too successful but this is a new unit of time and you have more knowledge/skill?  What are the fears that are coming up for you? What is your mind telling you about stepping out?

Let me know what keeps you in your comfort zone.