5 steps to start standing up for yourself5 Steps to Start Standing Up for Yourself.

Are you struggling with being too nice, not honoring yourself, not setting up and keeping healthy boundaries?  Read on for easy steps to start treating you as the amazing, beautiful person you truly are!

There are four easy steps you can take right now to start honoring yourself and quit being so nice.

  1. Practice saying NO in the mirror until you can say it with authority and without laughing or cringing at your reflection.
  2. Write out a list of what you really want to be, do and have.
  3. Talk with your most supportive friend and tell her/him what is on your list and if you do not have someone you feel you can trust with this, read it into a recorder and play it back to yourself (or contact me for a supportive lifestyle designer who will assist you in honoring you).
  4. Start paying attention to how your body is feeling when you are being ‘nice’ or not respecting your own boundaries.  Is there a certain spot that gets tight or do you feel nauseous?  Really pay attention to when that headache starts up or that pain in your back starts to twinge.  Did you just get a papercut right after saying yes to something you really don’t have the time to do?

This last step is not as easy, but it is soooo crucial to you honoring you.

  1. Start saying no to activities you do not want to do.  For example, if your boss comes up.

to you and says I need this report by 8 am tomorrow morning, you can say, ‘No, I can’t get that done by then, but I should be able to have it to you by …’  or you can say, ‘In order to do that, I will have to put this and this on hold.  Which is more important to you?’  Keep saying no to the things you really can’t do at this time without sacrificing yourself and your health. It will get easier.

Notice how you feel after you have said no.  At first, it may be terrifying with a bit of exhilaration.  You will also notice that your headache that was threatening at the mention of the tight timeline, has disappeared.

Another point to remember in honoring yourself, is saying yes to the things you really want to do.  Quit worrying about what someone may think of you if you sing off key, or dance in your own unique way.  That is their sh*t, not yours, so don’t take it on!  You are unique so of course your voice and your movements are going to be unique.  Learn to honor your uniqueness and in that, your true beauty!  By doing this, you are standing up for who you truly are!

Now go celebrate!  Each time you honor you, you will feel so much better and it does get easier with time.

You matter!  What you feel is important!  Communicating is the key to honoring yourself!

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