Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone

Weekend Workshop for Women

Are you telling yourself ‘There has to be more to life than this!’ ?

Remember when you were young and had all those dreams of what life would look like when you grew up?

You know, the ones about where you would live, who you would be married to, how much money you would be making, or how many countries you had traveled to by a certain age.  So what happened?  Where did they all go?

As we progress through life, we feel as if there has to be more than this.  We wonder what happened to all our plans and dreams.

The majority of people have given up on their dreams and many have even forgotten what their dreams were.  Does this sound like you?

You let life get in the way.  You make excuses why you never wrote that book, or took that trip or took up latin dancing.  If you can remember your dreams, you keep saying ‘someday I’ll…’, but someday never comes.  You continue to live your life in the little box you have grown accustomed to – that comfortable place we call the comfort zone.  You feel that it is not very comfortable in this space, but fear keeps you from reaching for more. Fear and lack of support.



If you’re like most people, fear of failure and fear of success stop you in your tracks.  You fear that if you fail, it will cost too much – people will ridicule you, you feel stupid, you won’t be able to make the money back.  You may also fear that if you succeed, it will also cost too much – you will lose people in your life, you will be judged, you will have to change too many things in your life.

I get it!  Unfortunately the phrase ‘Who the hell am I kidding – my life sucks!’ was all too familiar a few years ago.  On the outside, people thought I had it all together and that I led a great life.  What they didn’t know, was that I had totally given up on me and what was important for me.  It got to the point, that when asked what I wanted in life, I no longer knew.  I had given to everyone else and put myself last for so long, I did not know what I wanted!  

This took me on a journey of re-discovery and of learning how to honor me.  I knew there had to be a better way to live, and you know what?  I have found it! 

My journey of self-discovery, was a journey to find and re-awaken my dreams.  A journey that got me un-stuck from my comfort zone – a zone that was very uncomfortable, but very well known.

On this journey, I have learned that I can choose differently!  I can choose to honor me!  I can choose to feel and show emotion without harm.

As I learned to live authentically, truly honoring me, moment by authentic moment, I expanded my capacity to feel and experience a fuller range of aliveness!


I offer this gift to you.  

I have teamed up with Alisa Gamblin of The Belief Connection to bring you an unforgettable weekend of Dreams, Desires and the comfort zone.

This weekend will transform your life so that when you step back into your life, you too will be able to live moment by authentic moment, expanding your capacity to feel and experience a fuller range of aliveness!  You will discover what is truly important to you. You will be living a life that truly honors you!  

Are you ready?

Joins us in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, at Days Inn Victoria Uptown, 227 Gorge Road E http://www.daysinnvictoriauptown.com/

If you are coming from out of town, mention that you are part of our workshop in the hotel, to get the corporate rate.

New Dates coming soon!


Only $397.00 if you preregister.


 Helen Dougherty

is a Lifestyle Designer, Reiki Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer with over 30 years of experience working with people. She is passionate about helping people transform their lives.

Alisa Gamblin

is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, and Intuitive with 10 plus years experience. Her vision and passion are to create a better world where we all thrive, live in peace and experience true self love