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Success Stories

After I came to you the second time and we spoke about the need to let go, and reach for something, I had some time to think about it. I realized what I needed to do, but the pain did not immediately subside in my arm. In the morning, I was really drawn to this green apophylite crystal and was waiting until later in the day to buy it. I ended up heading over there shortly after speaking with you for the second time. I picked up the crystal and read the description on it, which is to help let go of things. After holding the crystal for a few moments, the pain began to subside, as I was realizing what I needed to let go of. Shortly after that, my pinky, which I had broken 3 years ago and still caused me alot of pain on and off and was actually slightly in the wrong position, ended up cracking and going back into place, and I felt zero pain in my arm again. It was amazing!! Thank you! I just wanted to share this with you! Amazing gift you have!

K. Mitchell

Hand Massage Recipient

Approximately four years ago I developed adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder.  As a result of the excruciating pain associated with the condition I was literally unable to exercise and my overall physical condition deteriorated significantly.

As expected with this condition, it progressed through stages before basically resolving itself after a few years.  Once the pain and stiffness began to dissipate, I began a journey to find professional services to help me regain motion in my shoulder, strength in my arms and improve my overall physical fitness.

I have been to two physiotherapists, a chiropractor, a naturopathic doctor and have hired personal trainers. No one was able to help me in my efforts at rehabilitation until I met Helen Dougherty.  She has been absolutely fantastic to work with and I have found her extremely knowledgeable, helpful and patient.

I am very impressed in Helen’s ability to understand my limitations and design workouts that truly are tailored to me.  I have not found that kind of deep understanding in any other personal trainer that I have ever worked with.

Helen is an exceptional individual and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is interested in any aspect of wellness.  I wouldn’t hesitate to consult her on any aspect of health, rehabilitation or personal training.

Linda V

Personal Training client

Helen came into my life during a time when I had experienced a very extreme tragedy. She had such a gentle and caring approach and such warmth and compassion that I felt very safe with her.

Helen introduced me to a Reiki experience that released things that I could not have done otherwise. It allowed me to rest my mind,  and through the experience I was able to release my preconceived emotions tied to my tragedy. I felt at peace without any stress. Helen is an all around beautiful woman that truly wants to help create more peaceful souls. If you’re looking for a soulful woman to help that truly cares, Helen is your gal.


Jacquie S.

Reiki recipient

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